About Us

NNDA is the recognized Economic Development Authority for the Sierra Region of Nevada which is comprised of Carson City, Churchill County, Douglas County, Storey County and Lyon County. The agency is a non-profit organization funded by the State, the counties and cities within the region and through “investor partners” which is the business community of the region.

NNDA provides a broad economic development program which recognizes the “eco-system” that our economy represents. NNDA is very active in most areas of development including education, workforce development, capital acquisition, infrastructure development, code and policy improvement, business development and expansion, health care, technology and more… with the goal of supporting and enhancing the best possible climate for business success.

NNDA utilizes a broad base of support in the community and a “bottom-up” approach. Action advisory committees have been formed that are the best brains and businesses in the region, all working from their particular area of expertise to create a better economy for all Nevada residents.

NNDA has completely reinvented itself over the past three years and hence has already adjusted to the new normal, accurately boasting to be a thought and results leader in the state. Statewide programs have been launched that is already having positive impacts within the region and throughout the state.

NNDA’s initiative has been chosen by Cleveland State University’s Economic Development Department as one of the best 24 initiatives in the United States!

NNDA’s culture is based on the philosophy of “Shared Abundance,” with the belief and promotion of the concept that the “why” in economic development IS NOT about what is in it for me, but IT IS ABOUT “What is in it for our kids, our grandkids and the mutual future of our communities”. As the saying goes, raise the tide and all boats float higher.

• Provides leadership
• Develops a skilled workforce
• Fosters entrepreneurism
• Assists with capacity building
• Facilitates existing business expansion and retention
• Recruits new businesses
• Creates optimum climate for business success
• Focuses on the right reason for economic development
• Defines and manages brand
• Develops action plans and assembles proper resources
• Focuses on excellent customer service
• Makes constant adjustments as necessary

Our Values:
Behave decently because it the decent thing to do. Behave decently because it works!
Be part of something big by partnering with us to support continued economic growth in Nevada. Reach out and join NNDA today.

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