About NNDA

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Northern Nevada Development Authority

Northern Nevada Development Authority (NNDA) is the regional development authority for the Sierra Region of Northern Nevada.

NNDA drives economic expansion and development through its efforts to:

Certify industrial, housing and warehouse sites for existing and new businesses

Support workforce development so businesses have an educated and skilled labor force

Meet the supply chain needs of manufacturers through the Western Manufacturing Alliance

Assure a quality of life for the community through affordable housing, access to education & training, and availability of sustainable work.

The Sierra Region of Northern Nevada includes:

Carson City

Douglas County

Lyon County

Storey County

As a public/private partnership, NNDA works with existing and prospective businesses to establish, expand, and to locate to and within the Sierra Region.

Funded through a blended formula of state support (Governor's Office of Economic development), investor support  (Investor Programs) and fund development (events, grants and community engagement), NNDA provides insight, resources and collaboration to Nevada Tax Advantages, Certified Sites, and to Workforce Development.