Regional Overview

NNDA has developed the following programs to support the development of regionalism


Branding – The region has been branded: 

  • The Sierra Region of Nevada.
  • Inter County Planning and Collaboration
  • Editorials to Educate Public
  • Networking within the Region
  • NNDA Action / Advisory Committees ( 12 developed - 265 community business leaders)

NNDA works with counties, consultants and Commercial Real Estate to create Regional Industry Targets and Local Brand Targets: 

Clean Room and Controlled Environment Manufacturers – This is comprised of different industries that depend up on controlling their environment within their manufacturing facilities such as Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Computer Disc and Assembly, Nutraceutical, Aerospace, Electronics and Biotech. The climate of the region supports a lower operational cost to these companies due to a combination of low humidity, lack of high temperature spikes and an altitude that discourages biotic break outs in the plant. The region also boasts a medical school, a school of pharmacy and technical education through Western Nevada College and Truckee Meadows Community College. 

Local Brand Targets:

These targets take into account special circumstances within each “micro-brand” including special development opportunities and the collective desire of that locales leadership and citizens.
  • Carson City: Digital High Tech
  • Carson City: Food and Dairy Processing
  • Douglas County: Outdoor Lifestyle Manufacturing
  • Douglas County: Science and Engineering Manufacturing
  • Lyon County/Mound House and Dayton: Aerospace
  • Lyon County/Silver Springs: Defense Contracting /Manufacturing
  • Lyon County/Fernley: (strategic planning underway)
  • Lyon County/Mason Valley and Smith Valley: Advanced Ag
  • Storey County/TRIC: Logistics
  • Storey County/Virginia City: Tourism
  • Churchill: Advanced Ag, Geothermal and Defense

NNDA and our committee members are here to provide area information:

  • Available buildings and sites for business and industry 
  • Industrial parks and their amenities 
  • Detailed demographic information 
  • Detailed area maps 
  • Labor market data 
  • Transportation and market access 
  • Comprehensive calendar of regional events and activities