NNDA Fact Sheet

About NNDA:


Northern Nevada Development Authority (NNDA) is the state-designated Regional Development Authority (RDA) for the Sierra Region of Nevada: Carson City (state capital), Douglas County, Lyon County, and Storey County. Established in 1981, the organization is a Nevada domestic nonprofit corporation. NNDA helps to grow and strengthen the region’s economic ecosystem, and facilitates business-to-business resources to support existing businesses.  Since 2010, NNDA has assisted 99 companies with relocation and expansion and generated $1.8 billion total economic impact for the region.


NNDA Information:




About the Sierra Region of Nevada:

Nevada’s Sierra Region is the Silver State’s third largest metropolitan area and encompasses a diverse set of industry sectors such as manufacturing, agriculture, mining, health care, aerospace, logistics, tourism, and many others.  It has a land mass of 3,183 square miles and a population over 158,800.

Within the region’s boundaries are three small urban cities – Carson City, Fernley and Yerington, over twenty-five unincorporated towns, many rural areas, and six of Nevada’s twenty-seven tribal communities.  One U.S. Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) – Carson City, and two U.S. Micropolitan Statistical Areas (μSAs) – Fernley (Lyon County) and Gardnerville-Ranchos (Douglas County) are also part of the region.

Though the Sierra Region is very large geographically, its communities are all interconnected and interdependent.  What affects one area, town, city or county, affects the entire region.  This is quite different from traditional urban areas where economic impacts tend to be concentrated within a more compact geographic area.  It is the reason that NNDA takes a regional approach to economic development in order to successfully grow the economic ecosystem. 



NNDA Vision:

A Prosperous, Resilient and Sustainable Economy for Northern Nevada



NNDA Mission:

To influence, facilitate and support the ongoing growth and prosperity of the economic ecosystem of the Sierra Region of Nevada

NNDA Strategic Focus:

  • Monitor and grow the Sierra Region Economic ecosystem through regional coordination and collaboration
  • Assist with meeting workforce needs through support of the workforce development continuum and development of obtainable housing
  • Advocate for catalyst projects and essential services to meet infrastructure requirements
  • Facilitate access to capital and state incentives, and provide guidance regarding tax base growth
  • Support growth and expansion of existing businesses, welcome new businesses, facilitate business-to-business resources, and market the region’s business-friendly attributes
  • Enable and expand industrial properties, and revitalize and renew commercial space



Nevada Certified Site Program:

NNDA administers the Nevada Certified Site program. A Nevada Certified Site designation serves as a pre-qualification indicating that a property’s title is clear, it possesses sufficient utilities and other infrastructure required for commercial use, is properly zoned and has adequate transportation access for distribution and logistics. The designation results in turnkey properties for businesses that want to move forward quickly. For more information: www.NevadaCertifiedSites.com



EPA Brownfields Grant:

NNDA was awarded its first EPA Brownfields Coalition Assessment Cooperative Agreement in 2014. This three-year grant provided $600,000 to work with coalition partners, Churchill County and Lyon County, to inventory, characterize, assess, and conduct planning and community involvement related to brownfield sites. A second three-year grant for $600,000 was awarded to NNDA in October 2017, to work with Carson City and Douglas County. The overall result would be a total investment of $1.2 million in the Sierra Region, between 2014-2020, for the expansion of industrial space to support the growth of the region’s economic ecosystem. 



Media Contact:

Lynn O’Mara, Director of Economic Development