Economic Development Wheel

NNDA Wheel

NNDA with it’s Vision, Mission and purposes identified, develops a comprehensive strategic plan every two years to meet the challenges and opportunities for the Sierra Region going forward to help explain the NNDA’s Strategic Plan, we have developed a graphical description translated into the wheel I will be showing you here today.

Here is the core:

This wheel is an attempt to make it easy to understand a complex undertaking

It reflects the 6 components of economic development that form the focus of our strategic plan.

Within the scope of these tasks, it is important to note:

We are connectors and facilitators to allow accurate navigation and problem solving while showcasing the region. We don’t re-invent the wheel to do all of this we simply know how to make it spin

The amount of energy and resource that is placed on each function varies with immediate demand and most of all, on the economic cycle we are in.

Each of these six functions drives a sub-set of activities — when you dig a bit deeper; here is what it looks like:

Continuing to promote a healthy business eco-system

While at certain times we focus in on different aspects of this wheel, the other components continue to turn as well. Economic Development requires all the components seen above in order to assure a healthy business eco-system is achieved and maintained.


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