Nevada’s Business Incentives

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       Sales & Use Tax Abatement - On eligible machinery and  

    equipment; reduces rate to 2%

       Sales Tax Deferral - Set up an interest free payment plan for taxes in equal monthly payments over a 60 month period (5yrs)

       Modified Business Tax (Payroll Tax) Abatement - 50% for 4 Years on new jobs

       Personal Property Tax Abatement - Up to 50% abatement of personal property tax for up to 10 years on eligible equipment

       Data Center Tax Abatement -An abatement up to 75% for personal property and reduction of sales tax to 2%.

       Aviation Tax Abatement -Personal Property Tax abatement up to 50% and Sales and Use Tax reduction to 2%.

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Business Incentives Quick Guide

To qualify for incentives, the company must meet two of the three requirements (Capex, Jobs, Wage) and meet minimum health insurance standards.

** The applicant will provide a medical health insurance plan for all employees
including an option for dependent health insurance coverage of which the
employer will pay at least 50% of the premium
** The applicant is expected to register pursuant to the laws of Nevada and to
obtain all licenses and permits required by Nevada and the county, city, or town in which business operates
** The applicant commits to maintaining business in Nevada for 5 years